Saturday, January 31, 2009

This one will have your blood boiling...

I caught this rotten fish in my "Rush Limbaugh" roundup of news stories. Frank Rich, New York Times (surprised?), twists info to make it fit his premise (surprised?). Along with his ridiculous gyrating opinions disguised as fact, he again repeats the "Rush said he wanted Obama to fail" line.

These guys get their talking points and marching orders and off they go.

This op-ed looks really, really impressive though. He has a lot of links so it looks like he actually did some real research on the piece... I called his bluff and actually clicked on some of his links. Gee, surprise, surprise, they go to other articles written by fellow journalists. Politico, Washington Post, AP stories and such. I guess if I clicked all the links I might have found something other than another journalist or press release. Doubtful.

Turn up the air conditioner if you decide to attempt this article:

Herbert Hoover Lives
Published: January 31, 2009
HERE’S a bottom line to keep you up at night: The economy is falling faster than Washington can get moving. President Obama says his stimulus plan will save or create four million jobs in two years. In the last four months of 2008 alone, employment fell by 1.9 million. Do the math.

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  1. Excellent article. As a pundant, I admire the way hey march in lock step. As a conservative, it boils my blood that they constantly lie to make the truth fit their cause. I especially hate when they attack private citizens like Rush or the Palin family. How long before they come after you and me?