Friday, March 6, 2009

GOP Fights Back Over Criticism of Limbaugh

Gee, doesn't it seem that the media is paying quite a bit of attention to this? It's a distraction in some ways. However, as you may have noticed in an earlier post, the Dems are still pursuing some form of the fairness doctrine.

White House Is Accused Of Cynicism, Hypocrisy

By one measure, Rush Limbaugh is a clear winner this week: His ratings have nearly doubled since his feud with the White House burst into the media limelight.

But the Obama administration's strategy of trying to elevate the conservative radio commentator to leader of the opposition has prompted a vigorous counterattack, with a key Republican senator saying the move is an "outrage" that "reeks of hypocrisy coming from a president who campaigned against these very cynical political tactics last fall."

1 comment:

  1. This assault on Rush IS childish. And very typical of liberals. And, those purported Conservatives who also attacked him are now on my list of politicians to help defeat politically.

    The DNC attacking Rush with billboards should be exposed for the absolute bullying that it is.