Sunday, March 8, 2009

How the Left Twists...

I get a daily listing of news stories that refer to Rush Limbaugh (Google Alerts). It's interesting just to scan the headlines. After a bit the Left leaning newspapers stand out like the proverbial sore thumb. The Right leaning usually don't stand out quite as easily, simply because they try for a little balance. They usually, but not always, toss in some middle of the road or fully opposing pieces.

I also get to watch the story turn from what it may have originally been, to what the Left wants it to be. You get to see the subtle twists in the story titles and subjects.

Another thing I get to see if how so many of them walk in lock-step.

Here's one that I got a kick out of in today's batch:

Rush Limbaugh the Rev Wright of the GOP
TPMCafé - New York, NY,USA
Everyone in the GOP is still all a twitter about the latest WH attacks on Limbaugh. It is not a new strategy though, it is exactly the game that the GOP attempted to play during the campaign with their endless Rev Wright and Ward Churchill fantasies. The difference is that Democrats really don't have a problem criticizing Wright, or Churchill or even Michael Moore while the Republicans dare not speak against Rush. By some measures of power, that makes Rush their leader.

It's not much of a story, it's actually more of an opinion. Short, sweet and stupid.

There's a little bit more than I printed here, so feel free to click the link above and go comment if you'd like.

The flawed logic in this idiotic piece are so obvious I really don't have to explain it to you do I?

Tell you what, if you're a Democrat, Liberal or Progressive, let me know and I'll explain it to you. The rest of you, I know I don't have to bother going further.


  1. Check out this..

    Every time I see a friend join this group I comment with a link to this blog :)

  2. Don Surber points out that the Democratic party plans to buy billboards to attack Rush & is asking for people to vote on the design. He suggests going to their site & skewing the votes.

  3. You know the GOP is just falling right into the hands of a plan created by the three muskateers (Emanuel, Bagilla, and Carville). The GOP needs to ignore them and get back to the business at hand, winning in 2010.
    By the way, I added your logo to my blog -

    Keep up the good work