Monday, March 2, 2009

RedState - Rush Limbaugh at CPAC: We Were There

He wowed the crowd. The inspired the base. The left immediately attacked him and lied about what he said.

The rumor is true. I got a bit of face time with Rush Limbaugh yesterday in the green room. He was as warm and gracious as you'd expect. It was a high honor.

It was absolutely amazing.

What's more amazing though is that this guy provides excellence on the radio day in and day out. He speaks without a script, from the heart processed through the head (a key step liberals miss). CPAC attendees recognize just how excellent he is - they named him the most popular conservative out there. He is with reason.

Many, many people would love to marginalize Rush. And a lot of those are people on our side. As Rush rightly pointed out, there are others out there who want to be the voice of the movement. These people's voices are filled with compromise and capitulation. Instead of standing for something, they want to be liked by the other side.

Rush said the other side will never like us because we are conservatives. To be liked, we must not be conservatives. He's absolutely right. Our ideas are about freedom and liberty. They do not grow stale. And they only grow as weary as we do.

We must fight on.



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